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Today I found yet a postcrossing card in my mailbox. Look at that magnificent building! It’s the Rathaus (courthouse) in Hamburg. I will definitely buy it when I win the lottery! All my blog readers will have a guest room prepared to their own taste when they come to visit me. This is a promise!

Now when I think of it, why not buy all of Germany?! That would make me the proud owner of… a lot of old beautiful buildings. And you could have a castle each instead of just a room.






A few envelopes met their friend the mailbox today! (Yes, Swedish mailboxes are very friendly. And yellow.)

Two envelopes are the ones from yesterday’s post with letters and pineapple pie recipes <3

The other two envelopes contains touristy postcards from Lund and are being sent to my swap-partners in a Where you live- swap on Swap-Bot. I can’t wait to receive my postcards from my partners!

As soon as I get my Swap-Bot ratings up I’m going to make a “Your local church/spiritual building postcard swap” (please take notice of my political correctness) so I can dream of all the churches I’m going to visit when I win that lottery I mentioned earlier.








Yeah, I just wanted to brag about today’s hard work. I have a paper to write, and since I avoided it so gracefully yesterday by marathon watching the second season of The Borgias (which totally makes it to my Top 5 Best TV-series ever-list) I actually had to write something today.

I have chosen to write about the early cult of St. Thomas Becket in Skåne (Scania). Super interesting subject! But somehow the word “paper” always makes me want to spend my time doing something entirely else, no matter how interesting the subject is.

Some of the books I need for my paper.







Finally I just wanted to say that I find the news about the Pope’s resignation incredibly spectacular!

What an obvious but still ingenious way to secure a spot in the history books!

1. Become Pope
2. Resign
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!

I wish I thought of that! But I guess no one can pull that trick again in 600 years or so without looking like a copycat…


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