Postcards galore!



Today I received yet another postcrossing postcard, this time from Spain. It’s the the card with the harbour, to the left on the photo above.

Apart from that I got a bunch of postcards I ordered from ebay (such an addictive site!). My boyfriend told me that “You are NOT sending this card to a penpal, just so you know it!”, pointing at the Dalek and planning on keeping it for himself. I guess he can have it, since I love him and all. I will still have some nice cards with vintage adds to send out.

And I love the slightly ridiculous amount of stamps on the envelope they were sent in!


What I spent last night on: watching GCB and sewing envelopes with pages from old outdated archaeology books I got for free from the archaeology library at campus. Now I have to print the letter papers I designed a while ago inspired by fantasy maps. I think they’ll go well together with these envelopes. Maybe.

PS. I redesigned the look of my blog yesterday. Hope it’s to your liking!


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