Postcrossing day!



Today I got 3 postcrossing cards! I am not a very regular postcrosser, but some times I send out a few cards just because I feel like getting cards from random places around the world as a nice surprise in my mailbox. And today I got three :O Awesome!


I always get a  little jealous when I see interesting shaped stamps since the Swedish ones are all square shaped, and seldom very fun or colourful. It would just be nice to have pretty stamps for my penpals! Maybe I should start up a career as stamp designer? Then no one would have to receive boring stamps from their Swedish penpals anymore! (Dragons, art and historical landmarks would be overrepresented motifs though…)


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  1. One of my favorite stamps ever came on a letter from my Swedish pal. It’s a contemporary artist holding her artwork. A photo! Of course, I have kind of low standards, being from a country that incorporates its flag into most of its postage. :)

    • Hmm, I try to figure out which stamp you could mean. Is it the one down left on this picture?

      I have used those stamps a lot since I like them more than.. our queen in gray on white. Or bread and cheese. Or pine cones. o_o Those are the motifs I usually get if I let the post people decide what stamps to use on my letters.

      You are from the US, right? I have gotten a lot of American flags on letters from America, but at least those stamps are colourful! ;) I love colours!

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