Shoe shopping


Today I set my mind on buying a pair of new, functional shoes for as low cost as possible. I really do not like shoe shopping, and who does that shoe-crazy girl stereotype apply to anyway? Who loves spending money on shoes!? It’s fun as buying tooth paste – only more expensive. But well, I had pushed the shoes I was wearing to their maximum limit, so the time had come to say good bye to them.


Where were I going with this? I have no idea really, I didn’t want to write about shoes, I wanted to show off the colourful touristy post cards I bought today! (I eventually found a decent pair of shoes, but of course I couldn’t resist buying something fun to make up for the money I spent on boring stuff. Make sense, yes?)

Lets hope these babies get a chance to travel somewhere exciting! I recently joined swap-bot, and I noticed there are a lot of people who want to swap touristy post cards, so I had to get some :) And I also bought a Dala horse magnet for a dear penpal in Germany who happens to like Dala horses. And since my best pen has passed on to the pen heaven I felt I had to get three new ones. Nothing’s better than writing a long letter with a colourful high quality pen!


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