Welcome to the circus!


Congratulations, you made it to my nest of madness and glitter!

(I can almost hear you think “Who are you and what is this place?!“)

I have long awaited this opportunity – the opportunity to start up my own snailmailing blog.  And since I’m currently in the middle of an extraordinarily heavy home-exam this is the perfect time to launch my shrine to procrastination and chaos!

This blog is made in the honour of handwritten letters, stamps, beautiful stationery and fun penpalling experiences.

But wait! There is more: 

I will also share random things from my Oh so interesting life, like archaeological field trips, museum visits, board gaming sessions and coffee drinking!

If you are one of my first visitors and feel disappointed about the lack of photos of pretty letters and old objects you can always get your dose at my Instagram profile. Just click the button at the bottom of the page!

I promise that this blog will not only be me writing some random rambling, even though I am quite good at that; fun photos will be taken and posted in the near future.

Thank you for your visit, it is much appreciated! Feel free to drop by again anytime you like and hopefully I’ll have this blog fully up and running by then :)


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    • Oh my, I’m so glad someone found their way here :) And thank you! This place is still under progress, but it can only get better ;)
      And yes, more snailmailers out of the closet and into the blogging sphere please!

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