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I had a really really great day!


So why is this day so great? Several reasons:

1. I finished my paper on St Thomas Becket yesterday, 9 hours before deadline. This might not sound very impressive, but I am the master of procrastination, which often results in that I turn in my homeworks too late. I am madly in love with myself for doing this properly!

2. I had nothing, exactly NOTHING, to do today and that means I had time for reorganizing my stationery. Turns out I need more boxes for tapes and stickers! And having nothing to do also means I can write you guys a rambling blog post full of mail pictures I haven’t had time to post yet due to my studies.

3. I got 3 packages today :D

4. My boyfriend bought me a sandwich with 7 different kinds of meat topping for breakfast while I was still sleeping. (He went up way earlier than I did ;) He’s a vegetarian but still buys me a sandwich full of dead animals as a token of love. How sweet isn’t that!?


One of the packages contained these goodies: washi tapes ordered on ebay. (Stack of random letters in the background.)


The postage on the washi-package. Gorgeous! I have seen them a lot before, but I still appreciate them.


2 packages were from my dear parents. They sent me 2,2 kg chocolate (! x__x), a Crete guidebook (I’m going there in April :) and pretty dragonfly jewellery. <3 I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve such a treat.

I have also received some mail the recent days that I haven’t had the time to show you yet:


Yesterday I found some stationeries I have ordered in my mailbox :D Super excited! I just can’t resist those kawaii letter sets…


I’m not going to bore you with pictures of every set, but this is the star piece of the bunch:
Joker Kitty!
… What? wtf?! Joker Kitty?!?! xD
I had to buy it. I find this insanely humorous.


I also got a gorgeous postcard in a double envelope (the red one is see-through) from Anni in Finland. (Click the image to visit her blog!)
By the way, Finland is the enchanted land of beautiful stamps. Have I already been going on about how much I envy my neighbours for their stamps?


Postcards from Gum and postcard swap on swap-bot :)


Postcard from Korea, Where you live postcard swap on bot-swap


Postcard from private swap with a girl in Hong Kong who found me through Instagram. This is so cute :3


Awesome letter from my Awesome friend Jessica!


And well, I have to confess that I just happened to buy a few things at the local paper crafts shop… xD But I have been in need of those decorative edge scissors (or whatever they are called) for… several days now! And there was a sale on scrapbooking papers, and you know… they had washi tape too…

And lastly, a conversation that took place today:

Me: I’m going to write a blog post now.
My bf: About minced meat? (There’s a context here, but it’s not of great importance)
Me: No, about the mail I have received.
My bf: Oh, do you want to post the mail I got today too? :DDDD
Me: … uhm… yeah… sure…

BF's package

So this is what my boyfriend received in the mail today! Three nerdy shirts that maybe some of you recognize and like. (I have no clue, so don’t ask me xD )


PS. I’m thinking about designing my own Tor-Ulf writing paper. He has been going on about this for some days now, so I better do as he says. He’s threatening to start some drama if i don’t give him more attention.




When you’re upset


I have so much studies to take care of that I don’t have time for blogging, writing letters and definitely not for reading any books except those I need for my paper :(




Then I saw this picture and now I feel better :)

Unframed view


Today was the day I would seriously start the finishing of my paper on St Thomas Becket. I did not. I am so tired that the world seems to move in slow motion, my head wants to dangle from the shoulders, and I think my eyelashes are painted with lead. This is because I had to get up super early this morning; 9 am is for the mature part of humanity but not me! I also had serious problems falling asleep yesterday, probably because I knew I had to get up early. But I didn’t mind that much since I listened to 3 CD:s of the Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell audio book while lying in bed and trying to feel enthusiastic about the whole falling asleep-process.

Now I’m done with the whining. Let’s move on to something more fun!

I got new books today – again. Have you read any of them? Which should I start with?


Skip Beat! (manga), The Séance, Florence & Giles, Rivers of London, The Night Circus

I haven’t finished the last stash of books yet, but you can never buy too many books.

Except for a welcomed package full of books I also got a Swap-Bot letter with a recipe for Kentucky Chocolate Chip Pie. Sounds awesomely delicious! I have actually never had chocolate pie. I have only tried pies with various fruit/berry fillings. Now I just have to translate the American cooking terms to something I can work with. What is a “stick” of butter for example? xD Google will probably help me if I ask nicely.


Other than being tired and receiving mail I have visited an optician and gotten myself some contact lenses. It’s weird to see the world without the blurry black frame like I’m used to. It’s also weird to see so much of my own nose! Seriously, it looks twice as big now when I have no glasses blocking the view of it!


No glasses! So much face!